Live Shopping

When someone says, "As Seen On TV," it’s a testament to the critical role live shopping and television has earned in the direct response marketplace.

Live television is essential for sales and marketing of new products. It puts the product in the hands of a user or spokesperson who demonstrates its use and speaks about its features. Viewers get a 360-degree, even four-dimensional perspective of the product in action. They watch as it’s put through its motions. They hear about performance – and the benefits it brings to the consumer.

With partners like QVC, HSN, Amazon, eBay, other shopping networks and even international live-shopping venues, live shopping is a time-tested and undeniably timeless tool for direct response marketing. It’s critical to a product’s initial debut results and long-term success. Whether in the U.S. or key international markets, live shopping – empowered by Global TV Concepts’ proven use of direct response advertising in support of live shopping – propels new and mature products alike to new heights on a global scale.

Live shopping can make the difference between failure and success – and phenomenal success.


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