Global TV Concepts is the leader in Direct Response Television. Entrepreneurial-minded and forward-focused, we’ve innovated the development, production, advertising, marketing, infomercials, merchandising and distribution that deliver products from conception to the consumer.

From our U.S.-based operations to dedicated design and manufacturing facilities in China, we’re vertically integrated to partner with retailers, inventors and joint venture investors. We transform the latest in home appliances, consumer goods, fitness equipment and personal care products into the Next Big Hit for U.S. and global markets.

If you know the names Riddex®, the Kangaroo Keeper®, My Lil’ Pie Maker® or Big Top® Cupcake®, thank Global TV Concepts – the leader in Direct Response Television.




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Do you have an idea that could become the next big thing? Have you ever thought about selling your product through TV and all over the world?