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Dr. Leonard's, Dream Products, Harriet Carter, Miles Kimball, Publisher's Clearing House, Solutions, Taylor Gifts…

Top catalog companies. The widest distribution. The most trusted brands in the business. These are the accolades Global TV Concepts’ mail order partners have earned across the industry.

In the direct marketing business, the ability to get a product into industry-leading and reputable mail order catalogs and publications can determine a product’s success. We know this market. We create successful placements.

All products chosen for catalog distribution undergo creative design treatment by our in-house studio to create compelling visual art and sales-generating copy. This helps our products secure the best placement and highest consumer impressions possible.

As experts in direct mail marketing and catalog marketing, Global TV Concepts works with our own proprietary lists and those of industry-leading list brokers to choose catalogs and create mailing lists to match each product to each prospective shopper.

Over almost two decades in the business – and more than 100 years of combined executive experience – our team has built a proven record of effective catalog placement, production, distribution and sales. When combined with the knowledge of our list and catalog partners, Global TV Concepts delivers a catalog experience unmatched anywhere else in the industry.


We Bring Success through Innovation

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